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Start slowly and gradually

Make it a habit to carefully select the exercises and diet that are safe for you while also getting medical okay from your doctor or dietician.

Discontinue any and all fitness and diet routines that cause you discomfort, pain or concern, immediately.


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Due to inevitable fraudulent activity DODZWEIT LLC will only accept returns of merchandise purchased directly from AMBERDODZWEIT.COM, (online) and in accordance with the following:

1. Shipping costs are non-refundable.
2. eBook and any 30 Day Challenge Program purchases are non-refundable.
3. Refunds may take at least one week to process.
4. Apparel reimbursement requests will only be considered if item(s) is/are unworn, unwashed, and if all original tags and labels are attached to the item(s).
5. Dietary supplement reimbursement requests will only be considered if the respective dietary supplement’s packaging is unopened and if the dietary supplement is in the original packaging.
6. Other Items – All other items must be unopened and in the original packaging to be considered for a refund.
7. To be considered for a refund, DODZWEIT LLC must receive the respective item within fourteen (14) days of the item’s purchase date. In all cases, refunds will be made ONLY to the credit card used for the original purchase. It may take up to two (2) billing cycles for the refund credit to appear on your statement.
8. Returns that originate from outside the continental United States will not have return slips sent for the respective merchandise. Purchaser is responsible procuring shipment and for the merchandise arriving at Massy Arias Fitness facilities.
9. All event ticket sales are final. Tickets purchased for an ATEAM fitness event may not be returned or exchanged for a full or partial refund.

If a return label is provIded by DODZWEIT LLC, the label is only applicable for the original packing (e.g., box or packet) that the ordered products arrived in. If the original packing has been discarded, please consult with a USPS associate at your post office to match the return packaging to avoid additional shipping fees that are non refundable or reimbursed by DODZWEIT LLC.
The original packing slip is required for merchandise to be considered for reimbursement.

Please note that we do not have the ability to track your return nor are we responsible for the amount of time it takes for the item to be returned.