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Wife and a mom of two teenagers, Christy is a fighter. Diagnosed with Graves Disease turned hypothyroid, with IBS-C, SIBO, and gluten & lactose intolerances, she inspires women across the World to thrive through whatever health battles they face.

In 2011, in the midst of a broken marriage and on the verge of a divorce, Christy started a fitness journey. After losing 40lbs, mending her marriage and getting her life back on track, she was able to find a deeper sense of purpose. Years later, she still faced some struggles and began to search for a coach to help her through. She found found Amber, the creator of Built for Her and the ATEAM. With Amber’s guidance, Christy transformed into the woman she knew she could be and now serves as a pillar of motivation and energy to the women in the ATEAM, encouraging them to always fight for themselves.

“Not only was I able to change my physical appearance, but I was healthy and comfortable with myself on the inside. Being a captain for the ATEAM has me inspired and keeps me at my best. I help represent and support a wonderful group of powerful women. I get to work daily with a coach that truly cares about every woman she works with and I get to watch lives truly change. Who else wouldn’t want that?” -CHRISTY




A wife, mom to three very busy kids and the President of a company, Jodi knows what it means to balance a very busy life. She has fought to find a balance in her life that allows her to focus on being at her best, so she can support the most important people in her life.

In 2015, after over six years of living apart after the Army stationed her husband in various places away from the family, Jodi made an intentional choice to reinvest in her own training and well-being once he was home for good. For years, she felt like spending that time on herself was somehow neglecting their kids since she was trying hard to be both mom and dad for them while her husband was away. As she worked to regain that part of herself, she found Amber through her good friend and now fellow ATEAM Captain, Christy. Jodi regained the balance she had lost and found the power to sustain it. Jodi now uses that personal journey to encourage and equip the women of the ATEAM who are not afraid of having and doing it all in a way that preserves each aspect of life.

“My journey was and continues to be about so much more than just being swimsuit ready come summer. This period of growth for me has literally been about reclaiming my life and claiming the power to live it on my terms. There are boundaries for everything and being a part of this amazing tribe of powerhouse women taught me that it’s ok to be gentle to yourself, it’s ok to require balance, it’s ok to say no, it’s ok to take part in the messiness of life and even better, it’s ok to thrive on that fabulous chaos and find joy in it every day. I love that I share the same foundation of faith as Amber. Self-development is about the emotional and spiritual growth almost more than the physical training aspects. It’s good to share that foundation with her and with this ATEAM we love.” – JODI