Build strong feminine curves, bring in lines of definition and burn fat using this 8-week holistic muscle building plan. The Built For Her download is designed to add lean muscle to the body to burn more calories at rest, improve performance and build strength. Leg days like you’ve never seen using both compound moves for max calorie-burn and isolated moves for balance. Upper Body Sculpting workouts, core-shredding ab routines and crucial recovery days to see optimal results.

  • Varying weights of dumbbells, a kettlebell, a pull-up bar or resistance bands and thigh bands needed.

  • Workouts doable at home or while traveling with access to the above equipment.

  • Training time of an hour or less 5 days a week.

  • Personalized Macronutrient and Calorie Calculator.

  • Macronutrient Formula Based on Body-Type.

  • Holistic Nutrition based on food lists for variety.

  • Access to thousands of recipes online.

  • Community Support and Coaching.

  • 2-Phase Training Schedule with progressing Exercises.

  • Workout Video Demonstrations.

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